Blog Great Britain

by Lynda Birke

Lier, Belgium

Team GB had a  very successful show at Lier.  The high point was a win in the small tour team class for the British team of Jennifer Patty (Tariff D), Lynda Birke (Doretha), Marjorie Glasgow (Damigo Z) and Ann Berry (Happy Days).
Team GB were also third in the big tour Nations Cup (Ann Berry with Urio; John Williams, with Ramiro; Lynda Birke with Casanova Z; and Irish rider Madeleine Gervaise with Tito). Two teams finished on 8 faults, with GB on 12.
Other horses/riders had successes in various classes - including new AJA member Marjorie Glasgow, who finished 8th in the Challenge Cup.  Altogether a great show for the British riders - and the weather was beautiful!